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Cooling water treatment method of evaporative condenser

Evaporative condenser is widely used in enterprises without circulating water system. Since the evaporative condenser condenses the refrigerant by the evaporation of the spray water, the evaporation cooling does not save water. The evaporation water required for the condensation of the refrigerant is similar to the water-cooled shell and tube condenser + cooling tower.

During the operation of the evaporative condenser, it is easy to cause scaling, corrosion, growth of microorganisms and slime due to the change of impurities in the cooling medium such as water and air, resulting in the decrease of operation efficiency, increase of power and increase of energy consumption.

1. Physical method, dispersing agent, softening or desalting method should be adopted for the scale, salt scale and dirt.

2. For the algae and microorganism, it is better to use filtering, adding bactericide and algaecide.

3. For metal corrosion, corrosion inhibitor and bactericide should be added.

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